Travis + April's Engagement Session

My partner Nate and I travel to see his parents on the East Coast every summer. Since we couldn't go to the large family campground like usual, we stayed at their house in a small town outside of Boston. In this place where Nate grew up lives two of his best friends from home, Travis and his girlfrie- sorry, fiancée (!!!) April. After learning about their engagement a couple of weeks before the trip, I knew it would be such a dream for me to photograph these two... so we made it happen!

April and Travis have the type of love that people dream of when they're growing up. Remember that type of feeling you got when you listened to your favorite artist belt a song about the person they adored the most, and you lay awake in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about the human you'd end up with one day? These two were lucky enough to fulfill that feeling when they were still in high school and have still stayed strong for the entire 10 years they've been together. I can't think of anything I've liked consistently for a full decade (besides my best friend and my parents of course, they're okay), and these two stayed MADLY IN LOVE for that long, during a period in which so much change can happen to you. What started on March 22nd, 2010 has grown into a beautiful love that I had the honor of capturing. I'll be honest- the way that they look at each other makes my heart melt. Thank you April and Travis for allowing me to capture your relationship and for your willingness to be so present and vulnerable for this shoot. Here's to you guys growing old together and telling the grandkids about your incredible love story.