Scarlet Envy and Sharon Needles at Roscoe's for Do312 4/5/19

(Spoilers ahead)

Well shit. Imagine me, sitting in my room on a very average Monday afternoon catching up on Game of Thrones when I get an email asking if I would be available to shoot a show at Roscoe's in 4 days. I work just about every Friday night at Revolution and I remember my eyes opening wide as I scrambled to contact another coworker to switch shifts. Everything worked out and I eagerly awaited for the end of the week.

An odd alleyway sight - it was quite a terrifying and gruesome roadkill, I wont go into detail- would set the tone for the majority of my day, which ended up being very depressing and almost unmanageable (cue the email to my therapist). I honestly prayed to whoever was listening that my night would balance out my awful morning at work.7 And praise be to the Seven because WHAT A NIGHT!

I'd had the pleasure of photographing Sharon before at Market Days, but Scarlet is new to the Rupaul's Drag Race queen circuit. They were both in town for the Roscoe's viewing party for the current season in which Scarlet competed. Unfortunately Scarlet was eliminated on this week's show, and if you watch the program you might know that many felt her time had been cut too short. Although her time had been reduced on the show, there was no lack of love for her as the crowd R O A R E D and cheered through her lipsyncs. Sharon, the winner of RPDR season 4 and no stranger to Roscoe's, put on an equally fun show, live singing to some of her own music and giving Boystown a memorable Friday.

I honestly hope I get to do more gigs like these.

Also PS I used a Gary Fong Lightsphere for the step & repeat meet and greet photos and WOW WOW WOW highly recommend! It softened my shadows and illuminated every detail in their outfits. Big fan.

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