Robyn @ The Aragon Ballroom for Do312 3/6/19

It's so crazy how far my dreams have reached... how they keep expanding like a balloon I'm terrified will pop if I ask the universe for too much. But as time goes by I keep climbing higher and higher. Sometimes my success is locking down a solid and lucrative gig, other days it's getting an email approving me for a show. To be honest, sometimes my big moment of the day is getting out of bed.

But tonight my fantasy became real as I entered The Aragon, led through the crowd in a parade of photographers as we reached the photo pit. Robyn-who I've been listening to for YEARS-was waiting backstage. Something to be known about me is that my positive anxiety often is released in physical movements and small squeals. It was hard for me to stop moving before the show began.

Also it's kind of crazy that the day of her show, the world finds out that Robyn will be RETURNING to Chicago in July for Pitchfork (The music festival that my dad thought was called Forklift and I suggested he make his own with that name). I can't believe I get her twice in one year. Mmmmmm what a treat indeed!

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