Nikki + Brian's Logan Square Anniversary Session

Okay, so their anniversary isn't for two more months... but that didn't stop these two from wanting to document their nearly 8 years of marriage on a stunning summer evening in Logan Square!

If you have ever worked on Milwaukee ave between California and Fullerton then you've probably encountered this powerhouse couple. Brian is a server + bartender at the Revolution Brewing Brewpub and Nikki works next door as the bar manager for The Chicago Diner. Although they are well-known in the neighborhood, the two met in a suburb of Detroit in 2006 when Nikki sold Brian a suit at the H&M where she was working. "At the time," says Brian, "she was dating someone else, but once I caught wind that she was single (via Myspace) I invited her to a formal holiday party I was hosting that I had bought that suit for specifically!" Brian was a senior in high school and Nikki had just graduated, both were 18. Fourteen years and two kitties later, these guys are clearly still crazy about each other.

After working at the Brewpub myself for a couple of years, I feel very lucky to have gotten to know both Brian and Nikki. I've attended countless watch parties at their charming apartment off of Sacramento and Milwaukee where we've all eaten more Jet's Pizza than I ever thought possible. They are always willing to help me when I need life advice and are tirelessly supporting their friends + loved ones. At the moment, both are planning for their futures in a big way and they deserve nothing less than their greatest dreams. I love them dearly and can't wait to see how they conquer the world, side by side.

I also have to add that when they showed up to the session dressed like they were going to be on the cover of Vogue I had to PICK MY JAW UP FROM THE FLOOR! These two looked incredible! They went all out for this shoot and I absolutely enamored. Careful, folks. Nikki + Brian are gonna rule the world one day.