Catherine + Sarah Crain's Sister Session

If you don't read the word "sisters" like "seeeeeeesturrzz" then I highly recommend starting now, it makes everything more fun! Especially with these ladies, who could not stop giggling throughout our little session. From discussing inside jokes to a couple of family-style jabs and face squishing, Catherine and Sarah definitely know how to have a good time and make each other laugh!

Again, I'm biased because both of these women are my friends, but I loved photographing them. After starting in Sarah's apartment in Wicker Park, we drove out to the Veteran Acres Park in Crystal Lake. This was my first time out there and I cannot recommend it enough! There's a wide open field with a small trail and a pond. Definitely worth the drive for a gorgeous getaway.

There's a lot of love in this family. I'm honored I had the chance to document it.

Love you Crain sisters! <3