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Elevate Your Career with Professional Headshot Photos in Chicago

Headshot photos in Chicago can make or break a first impression, which is why Madi Ellis makes her clients stand out from the crowd by showcasing their most confident selves. Madi is often amazed by how many people come for sessions nervous that they are not photogenic. She is motivated by the satisfied customer who can't believe that they are staring at flattering pictures of themselves when she delivers their headshots.

Cameras love relaxed subjects, and Madi strives to bond with her clients during the pre-session consultation. Most clients will contact her after browsing through the Google results of ‘Photographer Near Me.’ It is her job to impress these clients beyond the work on her portfolio.

Madi first determines the kind of headshot her client needs. Is it formal or neutral? Are they actors or performers working in a competitive field? Are they business owners who want to seem trustworthy? Corporate headshot photos in Chicago and LinkedIn profile photos are especially popular, and Madi will walk her clients through background and location choices.

The hardest task with headshot photography is making the subject feel at ease. Madi has ended up with a fair share of awkward photos from shooting anxious clients. She always strikes conversations around the subject’s interests to dilute the tension. She has found that genuine compliments build a client’s confidence and allows them to be authentic.

Madi’s knack for quick thinking comes in handy when managing the expectations of her clients. Some subjects may want urban or wall backdrops, while others negotiate for outdoor shoots. Madi is not afraid to play with lights, poses, locations, and settings to get the best shot. Her quick turnaround time is a plus for photos with a deadline. If you need headshots in Chicago, look beyond the Google results of 'Photographer Near me' for a professional you can trust to understand your needs. Book your session today!

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