Your Chicago-based photographer 

with a big personality and a love for all things that give you butterflies.

   Being a full-time photographer is a dream that I made real. There is nothing else I would ever want to do with my life than capture unique, heartfelt days. Pursuing this career and continuing to grow is the best feeling imaginable. Plus, I get to meet some awesome people along the way!

I never take life too seriously

   Working hard also means RELAXING with just as much intensity (trust me, I can definitely kick it back like a professional). With a matcha in one hand and a remote in the other, I'm the binge-watching queen of all streaming channels and genres. I promise you'll lose in a Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn eating competition. Costco sizes have NOTHING on me! I can definitely be convinced to leave the couch and my sweats for brunch with friends, but only if drag queens are involved.

My people, my world 

   I have the best foundation of folks who are constantly supporting me, including my close group of friends. I'm proud to surround myself with other driven, goal-oriented women as we constantly reach for the stars. Additionally, I'm lucky enough to spend most of my days with my amazing partner Nate as we tend to our 80+ plants in our Logan Square apartment in Chicago and take care of our two kitties. I'm eternally grateful for his grounding presence and unconditional love. You'll most likely meet him at your wedding, he's often my second shooter! We're totally in sync and he always knows what I'm thinking when I'm on the job. He's honestly the best partner a gal could ask for.

Earplugs live in every bag I own

   It's true, I never leave the house without them. Although this might be strange for some, it's pretty typical for concert photographers like myself. We're right up there next to the speakers when given the chance to shoot a show, which for me is as often as I can. I photograph for multiple publications and cover all kinds of concerts including local acts, national tours and large-scale music festivals like Pitchfork and Lollapalooza. Want to see some of my awesome concert photography? Check it out here.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Theater

   You read that correctly! I was a Theater Major in college and I grew up believing that one day I would be an actor. Through my studies I discovered I was drawn to a different kind of visual narrative, and documentary photography was where it all made sense to me. Never in a million years would I do it differently. My theater background has made me a better photographer by guiding me through the art of storytelling. I get the honor of using those skills to tell your legendary love stories over and over again so they may be treasured for a lifetime.

My work is my passion

Want to know what it's like

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Every price package is customized 

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My favorite interns

Yams, 4

9 lbs.

  • Angsty root vegetable

  • Screams constantly, all the time

  • Doesn't eat plants or jump on countertops

  • Scratches at doorways

  • Will perch on our hips while we're sleeping then meow at us if we move

  • Prefers to sleep on plastic and garbage than an actual bed

  • Too beautiful for her own good

  • So soft, the most soft

  • Super stinky breath

Binky, 2

13 lbs. (+ counting)

  • Purrs loudly, loves to snuggle and sleep with us

  • Goes from very soft to very sharp very fast

  • Likes to bite and scratch when playing, but also gives kisses

  • Eats everything, including plants

  • Meows specifically when he wants our attention

  • Best friends with a fur feather thing attached to a string on a stick named Becky

  • Brings Becky into every room and announces her arrival

  • Leaves Becky in the bed and on the couch

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