Kind Words

Elle + Hal

   "Madi took photos of my wedding. She showed up with both natural warmth and excitement and a professional perspective on helping us get shots we loved. Madi excels at both naturally being a part of a moment while helping you tilt your head or move your arm to get a great shot. It’s not easy to do but she pulls it off! Not only did Madi photograph the moments before and during the actual ceremony, but she took us near the river walk afterward to get some STUNNING photos. There was no pressure to be anything other than how we felt (which was ecstatic!) She got a variety of posed, casual, dramatic and relaxed shots. At the end of it all, she even snagged a photo of us walking away together with our arms around each other. The result was a wedding album that TRULY told the whole journey of our day! Madi has a true talent and is a joy to work with. For smaller or larger events, she has a ton of experience and heart and will give you beautiful photos!"

    "Madi Ellis did a wonderful job taking photographs after our City Hall wedding! She was very responsive to our needs and made coordination of meeting up easy. She also scouted out spots downtown prior to the day, which was a thoughtful step that made it feel personalized and special. She also was very respectful of safety measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing. Madi was also able to edit and share the link to our photos after only a few days, so we were able to share them with family and friends quickly. I would highly recommend Madi Ellis Photography!"

Emma + Mark

   "Madi Ellis was an incredible asset when it came to documenting our wedding reception. From planning a few weeks out with email lists of photographs and opportunities we did not want to miss to the day-of -- she was efficient, early (!), thoughtful, and good-humored! Madi brings a great sense of professionalism to her practice, is quick to respond to requests, good-humored, and ensures the comfort of her clients. She coordinated her role well within the day and ensured we knew each others' expectations. She walked through our entire evening well in advance, noting when certain events, speeches, and moments would happen. But beyond that, she captured details we never expected: high school friend reunion dances, handkerchief folding tutorials, hidden whispers between my wife and me, snarky smirks of our parents, and so many details we easily could have missed. Madi captures characters, emotional exchanges, and most of all, memories."

Kelly + Nicole

"Madi was so great! Easy to work with, organized, engaging, friendly, interactive... one of the most creative photographers...Madi really captured what we were looking for. Even the guests complimented on her professionalism and friendly nature. And her work is amazing! Highly recommend Madi and will use her again!!! Her passion for her craft shows in everything she does. She did an amazing job and the results... fantastic! Thanks Madi!!!"

Colton + Dominic

   "She was a joy to work with! Her work is beautiful and modern, yet timeless and enduring. It’s one thing to be a great photographer, which Madi is- it’s something else entirely to be able to illicit real emotion like Madi can. Her “bedside manner” is incredible. She made us feel so at ease and able to be ourselves. Her direction guided us to some truly great shots that we will treasure forever. Madi’s work and talents are unique. Her technical skills are inarguably immaculate, but her personality and ability to guide her subjects are just as valuable. She’s fun to be around, which I think is important to know about her if you’re considering her services for your wedding or an event where you’ll be with her all day long. Her work is solid and her heart is golden. I want an excuse to work with her again!"

Nikki + Brian

Kat + Devin

   "We shot an engagement shoot with Madi and we couldn't have been more pleased! Madi was super accommodating with our schedules and we were able to make it happen on such a beautiful morning in a forest preserve near our home. She was professional but still had a wonderful, friendly quality about her which really helped us open up during the photos. She captured so many wonderful shots without us feeling like things were too staged. I love how so many of the photos show our personality and appeared so genuine to who we are as a couple. We were open to traveling off the beaten path and trusted her eye. We were so happy with the final results. We look forward to booking Madi for many photoshoots to come!"

   "We hired Madi as our wedding photographer and could not be happier. She is extremely personable (and funny!) and made us feel so comfortable and in the moment. We are beyond happy with our pictures and highly recommend her!"

Anais + Brett

    "Absolutely loved working with her for my family photos! Quick turn around with the edited photos, very professional, and very flexible with scheduling and ideas. I’m having a lot of trouble deciding which ones to frame! Plus, with COVID, she was very safety-conscious and went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable."

Sarah + Catherine (Family Session)

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