Family Photography

Show off Your Best Features with a Chicago Family Photographer

Chicago-based photographer Madi Ellis uses her unique eye to capture stunning and edgy portraits, as well as wholesome family photography.

Family photography shoots are built on raw expressions and emotions, which is why Madi Ellis takes time to know her subject. She understands how difficult getting the right shot can be when it comes to family photo shoots.

Madi Ellis prepares ahead of a shoot as she has learned that her subjects are more at ease when she comes across as confident and in charge. She aims to grasp a subject's essence, emphasize their best features, and draw them to aspects of themselves they were unaware of.

The beauty of a professional Chicago family photographer lies in the numerous outdoor locations that add character and imagination to any photo. The colors and vibrancy of the city’s downtown, for example, will make for compelling street shots. A versatile Chicago family photographer is the answer to getting the most out of family photography in the Chicago area. Madi Ellis knows when to position her subjects and when to let them be to get timeless memories out of family portraits.

She understands that there may be tasks with a short timeframe. Family photography with young kids, for example, need to be fast as they quickly become restless and bored. Madi's experience ensures that she packs everything she needs to work according to the client's convenience. Her skills extend to stylized photos, which require Madi to play around with props, concepts, and editing software to capture the subject’s imagination.