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Capture the Night's Magic with the Best Chicago-Based Concerts Photographer

Madi Ellis lives for the adrenaline that accompanies packed live concerts. A roaring audience and an artist in their pure element bring a whole new dimension to storytelling. If you are planning a concert, you will likely find yourself on Google typing the 'best photographer near me.’

Chicago has an active live music scene that includes all kinds of genres, and there will be numerous concert photographers to choose from. Madi’s expertise goes beyond knowing which camera or lens to use, as her experience has exposed her to the landscape of various concert halls around the city. Whether your concert is taking place in the Concord Music Hall, House of Vans, Bottom Lounge, Lincoln Hall, the Metro, or the Aragon Ballroom, Madi will use the location’s architecture to compose show-stealing shots.

Madi’s work begins before the concert, as she spends time researching the performance styles of her subjects. She is available to attend rehearsals, where she can observe musicians' actions and know what to expect in the actual event. She also watches videos on YouTube and other social media platforms to anticipate the onstage personalities of her subjects.

A good concerts photographer does not only focus on the band but the crowd as well. Madi Ellis has worked with several magazines and knows how excited they are to receive shots of a pumped crowd. She seeks to capture the electric chemistry between a performer and their audience by being hyper-aware of the environment.

Googling ‘best photographer near me’ for a live concert in Chicago will likely reveal overwhelming results. However, you can narrow your search with a shortlist of the most reputable concert photographers. Madi Ellis' live music portfolio promises intimate concert photos that preserve the energy in live music. Book her today and gain access to a professional who will capture every moment excellently!

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